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24 January 2022

The Board of Directors of LILLEY CARES, the local nonprofit who initiated and

sponsored the immensely successful Sparkle holiday event in Spring Lake, met today to

review the past year’s work of the organization and its impact on the community. 

Multiple activities in 2021, including spring clean-up, fundraisers, a popular Christmas

Pop-Up store, and movies-in-the-park culminated in an even more brilliant Sparkle

down-town Christmas display and coordinated events.  Even in the midst of a lingering

pandemic, Lilley Cares Interim Executive Director, Joan Mack, stated that fund-raising

in 2021 was successful and all the monies raised went back into the community.  She

stated: “From Spruce-Up Spring Lake to Sparkle, we raised more than enough funds to

support our commitments in 2021.  Lilley Cares wants to thank all our generous donors

who have made these programs sustainable for the future.”  

Ms Mack stressed that the success of last year had much to do with prior executive,

Robert Lopez, who resigned in December to pursue endeavors in the private sector. 

“Robert left a positive mark on the Village and we wish him only the best in his future

career choices.”

For 2022, Lilley Cares will continue its mission to support the Spring Lake community

with initiatives that benefit both the downtown and local non-profit charities. Ms Mack

stated that Sparkle will definitely continue, as well as Spruce-Up in the late spring.  “We

plan to reach out and partner with our local nonprofits and see how we can best enhance

Spring Lake, as well as connecting with our impactful residents to ensure we stay

focused on working to make Spring Lake a more beautiful place.”  

Lilley Cares is a Michigan 501C3 with the stated mission of endeavoring to engage in

charitable events that bring the Spring Lake Village community together to work toward

a more beautiful and self-sustaining Village. The Lilley Mansion is a symbol of both a

historic and a reborn Spring Lake, and its name has come to represent the efforts of an

entire community to beautify and enhance Spring Lake as a whole, through Lilley Cares.

Lilley Cares will partner with existing and future Spring Lake charitable organizations to

enrich community resources utilizing our high level of visibility and our network of

relationships to build a diverse volunteer force.



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