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Spring 2023 Press Release - Welcoming Mack Bonzelaar

Lilley Cares announces the addition of Mack Bonzelaar to the Lilley Cares Working Team in May 2023. Mack is a busy realtor and also owns and manages Sugar Maple Construction. He recently moved into the second floor at Epicurean Village, in the heart of Spring Lake. Mack will work with the Team on various duties including fundraising and community outreach. We welcome Mack for his talent and enthusiasm.

The rest of the Working Team are: Chase Loreto, Municipal Outreach, Marie Taibl, Admin Support, Sherry Zuidema, Community Partnerships, Lisa Ross, Experience Coordinator, Flor Elizalde, Development, and Joan Mack, Interim Executive Director. Chase also manages the marketing for Lilley Cares -- website maintenance, various print, video and more. Last year, Sherry, who owns Nest Builders, donated the Santa House to Lilley Cares, a major gift that will make a difference for years to come. Marie has years of solid administration experience and Lisa is a local realtor for Core Realty. All bring tools and experience that make up a dynamic team.

In 2022 Sparkle brought one of the largest crowds downtown for any event held in our community, besides the Lilley Mansion move. These events do not spring to earth effortlessly; this hard working Team manages all the details, communication, fundraising, media, and outreach for everything Lilley Cares does, with the support of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Behind every successful nonprofit organization lies an unselfish Working Team taking care of its mission.

If you want more information about Lilley Cares and want to volunteer your time, please contact 616.402.2238.



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